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Fairtrade Organic Peru Chasqui, Medium Roast

Notes: Sweet toffee, orange medium acidity, juicy with hints of raspberry
Origin: Cajamarca, Peru
Coop: CENFROCAFE/Chasqui

Fairtrade Organic Guatemala San Marcos, Full City Roast

Notes: Sweet dark cherry, hazelnut and chocolate; full bodied, citrusy with balsamic sweetness
Origin: San Marcos, Guatemala, San Marcos

Fairtrade Organic Mexico Maya Vinic, Dark Roast

Notes: Caramel, Semi-sweet dark chocolate and raisins; a bold cup!
Origin: Chiapas, Mexico
Coop: Maya Vinic

Fairtrade Organic Starry Night, Dark Blend

Notes: Candied berry sweetness and cocoa nibs. Malty and syrupy!
Origin: Zamora, Ecuador and Sidama, Ethiopia
Coop: FAPECAFES and SCFCU Bokasso

Fairtrade Organic The Queen E, Espresso Blend

Notes: Creamy and sweet; butterscotch, raisins, dark chocolate and roasted almonds with a spark of acidity!
Origin: Caranavi, Bolivia; Sidama, Ethiopia; Bolavens Plateau, Laos; Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua
Coop: Mejillones, Bolivia; Sidama Union, Ethiopia; PROCOCER, Nicaragua; CPC, Laos

Fairtrade Organic Decaf Peru Pangoa, Dark Roast – CO2 process

Notes: Chocolate, brown sugar, molasses with hint of spice. Medium bodied, sans the caffeine!
Origin: San Martin de Pangoa, Central Amazon, Peru
Coop: CAC Pangoa